Overcoming life’s little disappointments…

Posted on 12/07/2010


This blog is inspired in part by my inner geekness but driven largely by two weeks that I got to play around with the Nokia N8 courtesty of Nokia RSA as part of their consumer review campaign. You can read my thoughts on the device by navigating to thededicated N8 review page, by using the toolbar at the top. The N8 will not be returning as sadly  I was not one of the chosen eight. There is an offer to purchase but alas things are tight at the moment and the purse strings are firmly tied. SO it’s back to life with the trusty foot soldier (my Nokia 6710 Navigator) and I must say it was quite an experience returning to my old ways. Using the N8 was just such a fundamentally different operational paradigm. Despite reading a lot about the inferior input methods of the N8 compared to some other platforms, and my own misgivings about touch, I was surprised at how quickly I adjusted to it, and when the default QWERTY keyboard was replaced with Swype there was really no turning back. I will say though that for quick bursts of typing, T9 is still the flavour of the month for me. It’s just simply what it was designed for. It is when it comes to longer tasks, emailinng for example, that a QWERTY keyboard is king and with Swype installed it is dare I say, quite exhilarating. Returning the foot soldier, the speed difference was painfully apparent. Simple tasks that I took for granted just feel so much more arduous now. The screen real estate is something that I’m going to miss too.

Despite all of that the foot soldier has some seriosuly life in it. Well it has to considering I’m only due for an upgrade in October 2011. It is no less a device than it was two and a half weeks ago when I took the delivery of the N8. I coped fine before and in fact had set the device up so well that it was managing all the tasks that the N8 took on. It performed better in some instances; some of the gremlins that flared up with email sync for exaamlpe have never been an issue, and exchange performance was better and more consistent. Yes the N8 is better built, has a better screen, it’s faster, multitasks better, has more memory, a GPU, and I can never forget the superlative stills and video camera, but it must be said that it is a truly exceptional device,and only a handful of devices can probably be spoken of in the same breath, in particular one Samsung Galaxy S.

So having had an evening and half a morning to quell my disappointment, I realised how much I enjoyed putting my experiences with the N8 out into the interweb and I will continue to do so, think of it as something along the lines of the trials and tribulations of a self confessed techno junkie. Speaking to some of my friends it’s obvious that setting up these super devices is actually not a walk in the park, and many cool features that are actually useful go unexplored. And thinking about how much work it has taken sometimes for me I understand how this become this case. Hopefully this blog can go some way to helping some one out there get a bit more life out of their own device. 

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