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The Real World 24 Hour Nokia N8 Battery Test

January 20, 2011


The most frustrating thing about modern day smartphones is that they all seem to be afflicted with shocking battery life. Not all mind you but most. Reading around the web it seems that most users have resigned themselves to getting minimal battery life, essentially charging up every night, and taking the phone off the charge in the morning on […]

The Return of the King

January 13, 2011


A couple of days ago I shared my feelings on my current smartphone. It ws a tale tinged with regret, filled with woe and frustrations, but occasionally interspersed with moments of unbridled joy! Ultimately it has not been a great experience. I did stress however that the Nokia 6710 Navigator was not my first choice. There […]

Living with a crippled smartphone: A long term review

January 10, 2011


There really is no better feeling than when you first get a brand new gadget, than the anticipation and reward of that first unboxing. Then putting it all together and firing it up. But what about six months later, one year, 18 months? This is no different fot a mobile phone, especially if you are tied down to a […]

Gravity, the best app in the world?

January 7, 2011


I love Gravity. It is simply one of the best mobile apps in circulation. If you are simply looking at what an app is designed to do and how well it does it, then I can’t see too many apps out there on any platform bettering Gravity. Call it Functional Fidelity. At the end of […]