The (Mobile) Tech Bishop is Ntutu Letseka…just another man on the streets.

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Lover of all things mobile.

And this is his blog, a view on all things mobile  from just another man on the streets.

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  1. Siyabonga Bhengu


    Ntutu Boss

    Have you tried the leaked Belle OS… wud luv to here yo comments on it, from the comments i’ve read on most symbian sites its not 100% tight. But i wud luv to flash on my N8.

    I wud also like you to help me on how to get around the “Phoenix Dongle Key Error”, I’m quite a novice in flashing Nokia handsets. Was flashing Motorolas for the last six years.


  2. Hi Siyabonga,

    I couldn’t resist. Early impressions are that it is going all that they are saying it is. In the last month I’ve gone from PR 1.2 to Anna to Belle. Anna was a needed improvement over PR 1.2 but people expect more and I fear after the initial joy it will dissapoint because 1) People want a UI refresh, S^3 brings nightmares of S^1 even though it’s fundamentally different and 2) those videos and photos of Belle.

    It’s very similar to Android. There’s an SGSII in the house and operationaly it’s very similar. Homescreens behave the same, can drag widgets accross homescreens, widgets are free form, editing is so much easier, and there’s an app drawer now as well. There’s still folder support but you can filter apps through a search dialog like Windows Phone, pretty neat.

    I’m excited by Belle even if I’m not so much by Symbian. It has no real future after Feb 11, this is the last wind but it’s good I must say.

    Word of warning with Belle. There’s a bit of App incompatibility. The following apps I’ve found to not work: Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Skype, 4squick, Bolt, Dropian, UCBrowser. I’m sure that list with grow


  3. Siyabonga Bhengu


    Thanks for the prompt reply….. Im really weary of tryin out this OS as it seems as if its not a finished product. This is my second Nokia N8…. my first one was the Silver Vodacom branded one, it kept going offline, sent it back to Vodacare and they gave me a black one with no Vodacom/Vodafone logo on startup product code 0599399, after going through the list of different variants at navifirm, I noticed that this product code doesnt seem to be assigned to any operator/country… does this mean its unlocked?

    • Unless your N8 is in a bad state or you are really unhappy with Anna, when it comes I wouldn’t recommend. Before flashing with Anna my N8 was in a state, crashing, store stopped working, navigation was buggered up, so that was my last throw of the dice really and it restored my faith in the phone. Same with Belle now, when it comes out if it’s not too late (has to come out this year), it’s gonna make a lot of S^3 users happy. Even this version now is amazing (I saw a screenshot of a guty running 37 apps and still more than 80 Mb free RAM). Though I’m finding more bugs as I go along. Not show stoppers but they might annoy some.

      It sounds like it’s unlocked which is good news. You should get updates immediately


  4. Siyabonga Bhengu


    Got Lady Anna today… pity I have to update through OVI Suite/NSU… my Vodacom Broadband speed sucks… will try it later tonight…

    Can u help me out on a guide to set up phoenix.. I still get that “Phoenix Dongle Key” error….


  5. Siyabonga Bhengu


    It poped up on Software update….. but I coouldnt finish the update on OVI Suite… an internal error popped up saying “Downloading variant failed, it is probably that you have a non-commercial software installed in your device”…. I give up on Nokia…

  6. Did you flash with the leaked Anna before?


    • Siyabonga Bhengu


      Nop I didnt.. remember cant flash as yet…. Left my phone at Vodacare requesting them to update my software…Just came back from there.. all they they did was to reflash my phone with their Vodafone branded PR1.2…lol… Asked them about PR2.0… they havent recieved as yet….


      • Siyabonga Bhengu


        Ive’ managed to update to Anna….. nuthin exciting visually as i have been using anna themes on PR1.2… but the speed is definitlely there…… patiently waiting for Belle…. scared to flash the leak.. hope Belle comes out sooooon…

  7. Good to hear you came right. Anna was all about under the hood optimization, and the new icons were just to make it look nicer. The really S^3 update is definitely Belle. I wouldn’t flash if I was you. It’s a pain. The stuff that works is flawless but there’s too many flaws that still need to be addressed.


  8. Siyabonga Bhengu


    I’m really impressed with the E-Mail Client and Browser updates on Anna. Lets hope Belle will be here by December.

    • They said October. And they were ‘early’ with Anna, but yeah December. The Email client and Browser are even better on Belle 🙂


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