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Looking back at living with the Nokia N8: A long term review

March 7, 2012


This is a post that I have put off for quite some time now. It started out as a three month look and then roughly six months. That turned into a 12 month retrospective but then I was fortunate enough to get a Nokia N9 in for review at around that time so that idea fell by […]

Unravelling the Mystery of the Nokia N9: A Review

February 10, 2012


Every once in a while, a product come along that changes our perception of how we use technology That was how the world was introduced to the Nokia N9. Bold words by Nokia’s SVP of Design Marko Ahtisaari to describe a product that was being brought into a market that had already seen a device […]

The Great Hardware/Software Divide

July 4, 2011


After messing about with one of Nokia’s modern day battery champions, the E72 and then enjoying a fruitful day with the awesome camera on my hero phone, the N8, I got thinking into what makes a great smartphone, specifically for me. Now of course everyone’s mileage will differ and hence their needs will vary, and […]

Dear Mobile Network Operator, you will never sell me a contract over the phone!

June 28, 2011


Telemarketing sales have become part and parcel of the daily South African experience. Everyday now I except a call from some company or other, usually insurance, selling me product X, Y or Z, that will change my life, secure my life, bring about world peace, I often don’t care enough to remember. My modus operandi is […]

The Nokia N8 PR 1.1 update broke my email!

February 8, 2011


EDIT: Hard reset (delete data and restore factory settings) , start from scratch and it’s fine again Well not quite, but close. The PR 1.1 update for the N8 has brought in some nice improvements. Some might see it as insignificant but little things like a Symbian ^3 optimised document editor is nice. The update […]

Living with a crippled smartphone: A long term review

January 10, 2011


There really is no better feeling than when you first get a brand new gadget, than the anticipation and reward of that first unboxing. Then putting it all together and firing it up. But what about six months later, one year, 18 months? This is no different fot a mobile phone, especially if you are tied down to a […]

Google Sync and Nokia: A broken affair?

December 9, 2010


I currently have three email accounts, an exchange account for work, Ovi mail as a services account, and Gmail for my personal email needs. Of those three Gmail is the most important. Not only is Gmail easily the best email solution out there, Google’s other services are also incredibly useful and have made organising my life a […]