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Become the MacGyver of the Parking Lot with Parking 2

October 1, 2011


Created By: Andy61i Version Reviewed: Buy/Download Link (Free) Final Score: 90% _________________________________ My brother and I took my two year old son to the 2011 Air Force Base Waterkloof Airshow and Lifestyle Expo, and there I had a trivial but common experience that made me appreciate even more the power of the mobile phone. You […]

Things I Love About My Mobile: Part 2 – The Perfect Guide

September 29, 2011


21st January 2010. An unremarkable Thursday if I recall. Well that was until this happened: Free Navigation for Life for Nokia Smartphones. I’ll be honest, I was a bit bummed. One of the appeals of choosing the 6710 Navigator, was that at that price point, it was the only Symbian phone that came with a […]

A Marvel or a Compromise? The Nokia E7

September 12, 2011


Nokia is one of the few companies in the mordern smartphone industry that had always offered a wide portfolio that targets many different types of consumers. Contrast with Apple, with the only models available from Cupernito at any given stage being the current iPhone model and the previous generation at a lower price point. The […]

SymNote: The birth of a cloud based Symbian notes app

September 2, 2011


Created by Talv Bansal Version Reviewed: 1.01 Ovi Store Buy Link (ZAR25; €3) Final score: 90% _________________________________ I’m going to be bold and say that note taking is integral to anyone that wants to be productive, in any industry or at home, and these notes take many shapes and forms. Whether it is making lists for […]

My Five Essential Apps

July 22, 2011


Confession time: I am a bit of an app addict. I collect them liberally, trying out at least one new app every day I reckon. And with disk space not an issue on my N8, they pile up. My menu is reasonably well organised, with the apps split into folders, so actually finding them is […]

Revisiting Contextual Awareness

March 27, 2011


Contextual awareness, making the smartphone even smarter by adding a rudimentary level of intuition, is for me the most exciting direction that mobile is taking. Loaded in smartphones are all sorts of of bit’s of technology that act as sensors to the outside world, and an increasing. Something like the age old GSM radio and […]

Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 – a stellar duet

March 23, 2011


Opera software has launched the next generation of its mobile browser solutions, Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11. As you might already know, I am a big fan of Opera’s browsers. I use Opera Mini for my day-to-day browsing, Opera Mobile is set as the default browser for those moments when I’m no constrained […]

On the Symbian UI paradigm: a layman’s perspective

February 9, 2011


It has been interesting to note that after the roll-out of the PR 1.1 update for the current batch of Symbian^3 devices, a lot of people are disappointed and were expecting much much more. The big thing is the browser no getting a major overall, and a general lack of UI enhancements. Perhaps many were expecting […]

The Nokia N8 PR 1.1 update broke my email!

February 8, 2011


EDIT: Hard reset (delete data and restore factory settings) , start from scratch and it’s fine again Well not quite, but close. The PR 1.1 update for the N8 has brought in some nice improvements. Some might see it as insignificant but little things like a Symbian ^3 optimised document editor is nice. The update […]

The Real World 24 Hour Nokia N8 Battery Test

January 20, 2011


The most frustrating thing about modern day smartphones is that they all seem to be afflicted with shocking battery life. Not all mind you but most. Reading around the web it seems that most users have resigned themselves to getting minimal battery life, essentially charging up every night, and taking the phone off the charge in the morning on […]