The Return of the King

Posted on 01/13/2011


A couple of days ago I shared my feelings on my current smartphone. It ws a tale tinged with regret, filled with woe and frustrations, but occasionally interspersed with moments of unbridled joy! Ultimately it has not been a great experience. I did stress however that the Nokia 6710 Navigator was not my first choice. There were a few other devices I looked at at, a few Nokia S60 phones, the N86, E75 and the then forthcoming E72 (ultimately not a fan of the form factor), the Samsung INNOV8 and the non-smartphone Sony Ericsson C905. Touch was no no at that stage for me and those looked the best keypad driven phones for me. Ultimately cost was the biggest deciding factor and the 6710 Navigator was compelling not just from the features/reviews but also from a financial standpoint. The most worrying aspect though was that my judgement had failed me. I have since advised friends and family on what phones to get and they are all happy with their final selections. And yet here I am stuck with a phone that I have a definitive Love/Hate relationship with. Lately it has developed a tendency to say goodbye as it pleases, and the power management is actually quite shocking.

All I keep thinking back to is the Nokia N8 that I reviewed for Nokia SA. Unfortunately I did not win the device but I have fond memories of using it. Like all smartphones it has it’s weaknesses, the default browser, the weak Social app and exchange sync with Google  for example, but overall it was what I expected from a modern day smartphone. The phone was fast, the software stable and in my opinion the user interface and experience pleasing, this before we get to the goodies like the astonishing camera and USB-on-the-go. During my review period a very close friend of mine was so impressed with the N8 that he bought it outright. So basically since returning the review unit, I have seen first hand the real world performance of the N8 in the hands of a like minded individual. The N8 in my friend’s hands has really been taken through it’s paces and is keeping up and in many cases surprise him. He’s had the phone for six weeks and is still very happy with his decision to buy the phone despite still being locked into a contract.

This then left me with no choice. Luckily Nokia SA made it quite easy for reviewers who wanted to keep the phone, read financial incentive, and as such I have decided to take the plunge and will buy a phone outright for the first time in nearly a decade! I can safely say that not since the old Nokia 8210 has a phone suited my needs as such. I’ve been crying out for a truly converged device and the N8 delivered and then some. I had been musing getting a compact camera and taking advantage of the falling price of GPS units, but withreal world performance rivalling, not just poorly imitating that of standalone units that will not be necessary. And of course, I can turn into a powerhouse workstation with just a couple of USB devices and an HDMI cable. I have been exposed to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 4 through friends and colleagues, but each currently lacks something that make them inadequte for me. Ultimately then, getting an N8 is a no brainer and this was an opportunity too good to pass over.

The green Nokia N8 will be arriving sometime today and I’m certainly looking forward to the return of the king, and a better mobile experience.

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